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   Our Motto: Welcome to FredCo we believe that shopping should be easy and our customers should find the most highly rated products in one location. We've scoured the world for items in each category from Furniture for your living room to bedroom, only listing the highest rated products in each category. This attention to details make you happy and if you're happy we're happy. 

 Our Story: We have been a family owned and operated business since 2005. We started out as a few physical stores in Midwest and have now fully transitioned online. Even though we are online we still provide the same great customer service and products our customers experienced. We also offer Free Shipping on everything, no monthly memberships needed.

 Our Team: Our team are experts when it comes to our products, we carry a large selection of products but have the expertise in each. This attention to detail and customer service has provided us over 500 Reviews on our online platforms. So just don't take our word for it, ask our customers.  

Our Products: You will find Furniture, Rugs and Home goods all with exceptional quality at reasonable prices at FredCo

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