Collection: Novasolo


Nova Solo continues to be a family-owned  furniture business, in operation since 1996. Created by founder Bo Lauritzen, a passionate world cyclist, sailor and father of six, who set upon building a company for his family. His Danish heritage continues to inform his designs – simple, beautiful and practical. In order to know who you are, you must find your calm.


To design and distribute quality furniture that is classic and practical in its design, and to provide reliable, authentic and professional service to all the customers we serve.

To maintain socially responsible practices in our procurement, employment, and partnerships that prioritizes quality over price.


Our designs are inspired by creating functional and decorative interior furnishings for the contemporary household. Whether for single living or family life, our designs fulfill the needs of both. We strive to produce timeless and long-lasting products that enhance the quality of peace and comfort within your home.

Our creations combine classic lines with a contemporary edge to effortlessly blend into your living space, complimenting your unique style choices with ease and comfort. The simplicity of our designs evoke a natural elegance in all settings and reflect a craftsmanship infused with charm.

Initial designs begin with identifying a need or an augmentation and working out from there. Starting with a simple sketch, an approved design leads to a physical product sample. The sample is tested for functionality, durability and its visual appeal. Approved samples move  through to the manufacturing process, where each product is held to a sequence of quality control standards throughout its production.