Living Room Modern Home Decor Ideas

Living Room Modern Home Decor Ideas

Want to breathe new life into your old living room area?

Then it’s time for a trendy makeover!

The living room is the center of your home. It is where you and your family get to spend quality time together every day. Therefore, this family room furniture and décor must incorporate both style and comfort.

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Coffee Tables

TV Stands




You probably think you’ll have to spend a fortune before your room can start looking modern. However, there are plenty of affordable living room furniture and décor ideas that can work just as well as other more expensive options. Hence, our pick for this post is trendy yet on-budget living space décor. 

Here are our top picks to spice up your living room with some latest décor ideas on a budget. 

Coffee Table -

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A coffee table for the living room is a total must-have. Most people remember to include it in their living room. However, they usually cover these tables with items such as candles and vases to make them more aesthetic.

But we’ll ask you to take a different approach. Instead of spending loads of cash on buying expensive accessories, why not buy a stylish coffee table that won’t need any further décor? 

There are plenty of options to choose from, but the most popular one these days is wooden antique coffee tables. The warm-toned wood looks inviting while the vintage allure adds the right amount of drama to the aura. 

Set the Tone With Your TV Stand

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Since your TV Stand houses your TV set, it is bound to get a lot of attention. It also determines where and how you will place the rest of your living room furniture. That means you have to pick your table wisely.

We suggest you opt for a table that is color-coordinated with your walls, with a few hints of another color. Most people paint their walls white. So, a white console table with shades of walnut will be the right choice to lighten up your living space.

Just make sure it comes with plenty of storage area so you can tuck away all your consoles and gadgets neatly. 

Throw In Some Space-Saving Ottomans

Besides sofas and chairs, ottomans are a staple for a modern-looking family room. They are your best bet if you need some extra pair of seats but don’t have the budget for another sofa. 

Got faux leather sofas? 

No problem! You can buy matching ottomans for your sofa, and no one will ever be able to tell!

Ottomans can also serve as fashionable footrests. They are wonderful for resting your aching feet on them when you get home from work. 

But there is one feature that will surely make you want to buy one right now; they are excellent for storage. If you get one that comes with a lid, you can use the internal space to hide and extra cushions or comforters out of sight. If you have kids, ottomans with lids make great storage boxes for toys. 

Brighten the Room With a Round Mirror

Round Mirror

Mirrors not only brighten up your indoor space but also add a touch of elegance. Round mirrors are especially great as they can be pretty much any style or theme, be it modern, rustic, traditional, or any other. For instance, hanging a gold-rimmed round mirror against a monochromatic wall creates an exquisite look.

You can either add a single mirror as a statement piece. Or make a mirror gallery on your wall by adding several differently sized mirrors. 

Add a Statement Rug 

What’s the quickest way to change the vibe of your living area? There is only one right answer; adding a gorgeous, vibrant rug.

Rugs and carpets can make a huge impact on your room as they are essential in pulling together the whole look. Vividly colored rugs add richness to an otherwise dull-looking space. 

But before you decide to splurge on rugs for the living room, be sure it’s soft and comfortable under your feet. Because no one likes a scratchy material that makes their skin itch.

Be on Trend With Velvet Sofas 

Blue Velvet Sofa FredCo

Velvet sofas are all the rage these days. They are gorgeous to look at and comfortable to sit on. The material is plush and oh-so-soft to the touch while looking incredibly regal at the same time. Hence, velvet sofas make a perfect fit for a minimalistic-looking space. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to include too many other furniture pieces in the room. However, if you want a pop of color in your living room, you can get your velvet sofa in a serene emerald green or a cool blue color. These sofas alone will be enough to make your living room look seamlessly put together.

Don’t Forget The Corners!

While most think about decorating the center of their family area or putting décor on the walls, the corners of the room go unnoticed. But to your surprise, there are many trendy wall corners décor options available today to liven up the living room space.

Corner standing shelves are a great addition if you need some extra storage space. You can stack books on them, showcase some art pieces, or whatever you may please.

If you don’t want a standing shelf, then you can opt for a corner floating shelf. These are super practical yet don’t use up any floor space.  You can use these shelves to display green plants, antiques, and other décor pieces. 

Want to add more light and a dramatic touch to the room at night?

Add a corner lamp with shelves. It is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics that will make any living room look brighter instantly. Thank for reading our blog " Trendy Living Room Decor Ideas on A Budget " 

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